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Pro Odeur/Pro Deur is a biotechnological method to reduce the odors that occur when organic waste decomposes in for example returnable packaging machines, garbage containers, compactors, transfer stations and collection centers.    

Pro Odeur/Pro Deur-the system is usually more cost-effective solution for odor control than ozone and cooling systems at the same time the solution is better for the environment.

Pro Odeur/Pro Deur-the system consists of a biological product, as well as a control cabinet, and dispensing equipment.

Installation by authorized technician who is also responsible for the service commitment which means that the system is continuously checked and documented.

Pro Odeur/Pro Deur starts dosing of Pro Odeur/Pro Deur-liquid according to the setting of the control system and then continues continuously to dispense liquid as long as the business is operating, ie, as long as new organic waste is added. 

Pro Odeur/Pro Deura biological product

Pro Odeur/Pro Deur, a biological product (liquid) that contains bacteria that have deodorizing qualities. The bacteria are facultative *, spore-forming Bacillus genus, and is known as deodorizing microorganisms. Pro Odeur/Pro Deur will quickly and effectively remove odors from organic waste, for example, environmental stations (garbage bins and containers) and in compactors. Pro Odeur/Pro Deur remove odors and prevents odors at the source of the problem. Pro Odeur/Pro Deur is pH neutral and gentle to the environment and users.

The service team installs Pro Odeur/Pro Deur and is responsible for routine service and maintenance. The work is documented in a service protocol.

The technique
The technique consists of Pro Odeur/Pro Deur Control and a piping system with nozzles. The installation can be supplemented with a thermal function that ensures operation down to minus 20 degrees Celsius. Refrigerant Hedging involves installing heating cables, heated nozzles and a weatherproof protection cabinets for the biological product.

The active substances in a bio hygienic product is either live microorganisms or substances and substances originating directly from these microorganisms.

*A facultative anaerobic organism is an organism, usually a bacterium, that makes ATP by aerobic respiration if oxygen is present but is also capable of switching to fermentation. In contrast, obligate anaerobes die in presence of oxygen.


Spray systems for Pro Odeur/Pro Deur

1. Spray System in tank vehicles

Exhaust air when filling the tank vehicles often have a strong and unpleasant smell and may therefore need to be disposed to avoid the odor problems. Pro Odeur/Pro Deursystems, with a small mobile spray unit in combination with active odor absorber, offers a simple and effective solution for problems of this kind.

Portable spray unit for odor reduction when filling the tank. Preparing for odor treatment of exhaust air when filling the tank with digestate from biogas plant.  


2. Treatment of exhaust air from treatment plants

The room air is in the receiving- and machine halls in the waste treatment plant may be strong smelling and must therefore among other things occupational health reasons treated. Pro Odeur / Pro Deur spray systems offer solutions to this problem. It is simple to use and can through its compact footprint, as well as smooth and flexible operation be easily adapted to prevailing conditions. The system is available in both mobile and stationary versions with semi-automatic or fully automatic dosing of odor absorbent.

Costly installation of ventilation systems with large air flow can be avoided. Odeur Pro / Pro Deur spray system provides an effective and reliable odor reduction to a fraction of both investment and operation cost of the conventional solutions.

Spraying luktabsorbent in halls with large air flows Extraction and odor treatment of air from small sources (semi-automatic plant) Extraction and odor treatment of air from small sources via compact biofilters [white containers]


3. Spray System for the treatment of odor and dust contaminated exhaust air from composting and biogas plants, sorting and incineration plants, landfill sites, etc.
Treatment of odors contaminated exhaust air from an open waste (fully automated container plant) Spraying unit - mounted on a compost (extra tank with nozzles) Spray Unit at the drainage basin (fully automated plant)
Systems for surface coating of odor absorber on storage for sewage sludge Mobile spray unit in the plant for the loading of industrial sewage Browse tanker Mobile spray unit unit at the landfill (semi-automatic plant)
Sorting plant - unit for odor treatment between the bunker and sorting bands Waste disposal - unit for odor and fine dust treatment on the conveyor belt Incineration of residual waste - 2 spray units in the reception hall
4. Spray systems for containers
Odour Treatment of containers - Here for the transport of sludge from sewage treatment plants Installation of the spray device above the filling device for containers Spraying container with so-called mold oil to prevent freezing in winter. Advantage: complete container emptying all year round.

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